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Local Business Connection...

Art to Appreciate has been teaming up with local businesses as a way to get fine art into unusual places!  Some of the artwork is for sale and other pieces are on display!  When you stop in to one of the small businesses below ask to see their collection of Art to Appreciate by Stefanie!  Enjoy! 

Spring 2023 Design

Spring 2023Design!

Art for sale in the shop!

Art is available in shop!

Perfect Harmony, Fall 2021 Harmony Lake Collection

Sympathy Arrangements available


Artwork is available in store and online and is often incorporated into beautiful flower arrangements!
  Ask about Art to Appreciate by Stefanie! 

Blue Pit
Jersey Tomats
Mini Easel Paintings

Artwork is on display and available for purchase in the restaurant!
  Stop in for a delicious meal and ask about Art to Appreciate by Stefanie! 

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