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Roman Colosseum -Mini Easel Painting
4" by 4" 
acrylic on canvas




This piece is part of my Italy collection!  Some of my favorite memories are traveling through Europe with my aunt!  Rome was one of my favorite stops!   I can still feel the Eternal City in my bones.  I love those rare moments when you can just feel history watching you!  The city spoke...  layered with remnants of so many past ages, Rome, and the Colosseum put life and history in perspective!  I felt like a small piece of an enormous story.  I have turned to my sketchbook from this trip often, for artistic inspiration! 





All mini- paintings are hand-painted on a 4' by 4' stretched canvas and come with a wooden display easel!  Each piece is meticulously packaged to ensure that your artwork arrives safe and sound, and all U.S. orders ship free! :)

Stefanie creates original artwork inspired by everyday family moment and trips with her family. She has worked as a professional artist for over 15 years and her work is shown and collected throughout the United States. 


Roman Colosseum

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